How to Lose Jesus

We all lose things: car keys, sock mates, computer files, credit cards, water bottles, etc. So how does a parent lose a child? That’s exactly what happened to Joseph & Mary when Jesus was 12 y/o, st the annual festival they attended in Jerusalem. His parents thought that Jesus was with the caravan returning to their village, so they didn’t look for Him nor worry about Him until a day had passed. When they began looking for Him, He wasn’t with everyone, so Joseph & Mary made their way back to Jerusalem to find Jesus.
Similar to Jesus’ parents, we can sometimes lose Jesus in the festivities & hubbub of the Christmas celebrations. So let’s be committed to keep a continual lookout for Jesus throughout each day of this Christmas season, watching for opportunities to be kind, loving generous & Christlike. Indeed, some of the best ways to experience Jesus is to spread His love in our daily living!



Hello Sarah, I have truly enjoyed watching you over the years. I have seen how God has used you to be a blessing to us all. You have such a personal way about you that reach out to people who want to be taken just as they are about everything, how you present a concept that God has down loaded in your spirit is very compassionate. I love the way you work with your Mom who I love so much as well. I was watching you tonite in Arizona on Daystar and you look gorgeous. You have done so many wonder things for so many. I look forward to blessing you with your efforts and my husband and I continue to pray for you and Marilyn. May the blessings of the Lord continue to be with you.

Thanks so much Meri!!

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