how to have fun :)


Last night, our church had our first alternative to the alternative Halloween celebration.  Normally, we have the annual “harvestfest” where families can bring their kids for a safe alternative to Halloween.  Last night, we decided to go rogue & try something new.  As you can see from the picture, it was seriously FUN!!!!!!

Here are some possible ways to add some fun in your life:

  • laugh at yourself: less serious & more levity 🙂
  • tell goofy jokes: what do you get when you mix a rabbit & a snake?  a jump rope ,)
  • do something different:  sometimes the status quo can get stale
  • focus:  look up and look around rather than looking down & inside 🙂
  • stay positive: pessimism requires more energy to manage than optimism


You’re still the best. Accept it. What is most important is that we show “love”.
I hope you can use your influence in the most well defined election that you were either for women’s rights or pick the candidate who is willing to stand up against the modern holocaust of the last century. Abortion. Still the unspoken crime. I hope that our church-America of pseudo Christians will finally take a stand., Not against women but for 60 million innocent lives. THAT’S WHAT IS REALLY SCARY. 🙁

TOtally diggin’ the beard

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