How to Deal with Change

Some people love change & others hate change. But no matter what is your preference, we all have to deal with change because that’s the nature of life. So here are a few helpful thoughts:
*mindset – consider what your thoughts are about change because bad thinking automatically creates bad results
*flexible – it’s been my experience that when I’m rigid & inflexible that it’s usually more difficult to manage change
*pray a lot – when I try to deal with change without asking for God’s help, it often turns out awful
Feel free to leave a brief comment on anything I can pray about for you & feel free to share this blog with all of your friends who are struggling with change 🙂


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Ahhhh the one constant in life, It’s as constant as breathing but we tend not to focus because we are trying to making something permanent that never will be. So as the cub scout motto emphasizes “Be Prepared”.. Smile

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