how to be debt free

In the Lord’s Prayer, one of the requests Jesus teaches us to make to our Father is to “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”.  Last week, I got heaps of amazing insights on what everyone thought Jesus meant by this request – see “debt consolidation”.  So this week, I’d like to go to the next step.

What are some tips you could share that have helped you to forgive & be debt free?

I’ll start w an idea & then please, please add your wisdom w a comment to help others & me.

a forgiveness tip:  do it FAST.  I’ve found it easier to forgive quickly than wait & do it later.  Usually by then, whatever has hurt me begins to fester & grow.

Your turn:



homeschoolin’ ma

We are given power by the Holy Spirit to do things we are unable to do in our human nature. When I feel unable to forgive, I say I choose to forgive, and ask God for the power, by His grace, to forgive. When I am weak He is strong in me.

forgiveness isn’t dependent on anyone else’s actions. we have to be able to forgive, regardless of what the person you’re forgiving does or doesn’t do.

I’m not sure I know how to really forgive…at least in the day-to-day sense of the word. I can forgive the big things, it’s the little ones that trip me up. I think those I just bury and then pretty soon I move past them–Is that true forgiveness?? I’m not sure…

Totally agree Sue! When I think I’m doing ok on forgiveness, sure enough, something comes along & whacks me out. I talkd w God about this last night – He said that I got tripped up bc my goals got selfish. Still ruminating on that one.

I remember my youth pastor preaching on forgiveness years ago and what he told me has stuck with me through these years. He said that when you hold onto unforgiveness you believe that you are holding that person in prison (wanting that person to pay for what they did to you), but when you forgive that person you realize the only person that was in prison was you.

I have noticed through my own life that when I’ve held onto that unforgiveness that I start doing the very thing that hurt me to other people (bitter root judgement).

By the way Sarah thanks for referring RT Kendall total forgiveness to me, it has really opened my eyes that forgiveness is an everyday choice. Since reading that book God has shown me people that I need to forgive that I honestly didn’t even think I was holding unforgiveness against.

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