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Hey friends!  I just published a book that I think is honestly the best thing I’ve ever written!  My new book is called Jesus Chicks and it’s really brief but extremely insightful.  In my new book, I take one chapter per chick to talk about the women with whom Jesus interacted – Martha, Mary, His mom, the Canaanite woman, etc.  What I love about this book is my discoveries about how relational Jesus is with us, as I show with His interactions with each of these ladies.

I’d strongly encourage you to get a few copies to share with your friends and even book clubs / Bible study groups since there are also discussion & consideration questions at the end of each chapter.  You can also get it as an ebook as well!  🙂

Click Here to purchase the book




where do you get the book?? how do i get a copy??

Please check the links on the post – they point you to where you can buy it 🙂

Jesus Chicks, Rocks!

cool! how do I get one??

Thanks!! Please click the links in the blog & they’ll take you to the purchase site 🙂

Charles Chukwu

How do we get the ebook to download in Nigeria? I have a Paypal account but for some reason all the options will not let me buy the ebook. One does not have my country listed.

Mr Chukwu, thanks so much for your comment! I’m sorry but I don’t know the technical details for Nigeria, but I’ll ask our tech support if they have any ideas. Thanks for your interest!

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