hot topic: Starbucks & Christmas

large_Starbucks-Red-Cups-2015-2  As I was making my way home from Singapore yesterday, I checked the news & saw there was some kind of uproar about Starbucks & Christmas.  Since I’m a coffee fan, I decided to briefly look into the uproar only to be disappointed.  I’m disappointed because there are many issues in our world today that are super important that need our prayers & attention.  And today, Donald Trump jumped into the conversation, leaving me to speculate about not only cup decorations and caffeine, but now I get to add politics into this busy buzzy world.

All of which brings me back to thinking about what’s important & specifically what’s important about Christmas:  God loves humanity & Jesus’ birth into human existence.

In the grand scheme of things, let’s keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing 🙂



Dios es u ejemplo a tomar…y en nacimiento de Jesus!!nuestro Señor y salvador!!nuestro Abogado!!El unico libre de Pecados, que pago por todo este Pueblo de Dios!!!que alinea con su amor y sus Frutos del espíritu!!!!! Navidad es sinónimo de su Nacimiento…y es común encontrar Personas que nos testimonian que las Fiestas….los ponen triste…guauu que hay de los Frutos del Espíritu que nos son movilizados…por el Espíritu santo!!!! amen amen amen


Thanks Megan!

I couldn’t agree more! There are so many other things for me to be impassioned about like abuse, starvation, genocide, etc. not whether or not there are “Christmas Messages” on my coffee cup

🙂 totally!

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