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My mom started memorizing Bible books when I was about 8 or 9. She was so excited about the memorizing thing that she made a house rule for us that for every 30min of TV watching, we had to memorize 2 verses in Proverbs. My brother memorized like 7 chapters & I quit watching tv because I didn’t think it was worth it. 
Now that I’m more mature, I’m into the Bible memorizing thing, albeit slower than molasses in winter. Here are some advantages of doing the Bible memorizing thing:

Hiding God’s Word in our heart helps us with the not sinning thing

I find that various Bible verses pop into my mind at really strategic times, often giving clear direction or helpful strength

Reviewing my verses is a better decision at 2am than getting stressed out about various stuff that’s out of my control

Bible memorizing is good brain work

There are heaps & heaps of great advantages to keeping our minds in Bible memorizing mode 🙂


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Cristina Parodi

Sara tremendous word … you’re so real intercessor , living testimony , adorable memorize the Word of God but make it much more skin and be distinguishable because the fruits of the spirit make each a covenant with the Lord and make us witness to the mercy and Love of Our Father . The Lord does meanings !!!!! Blessings . Kisses . Cristina Parodi ( Argentina Ig RDR )

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