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If a person talks about prostitutes or sex workers, people have some interesting reactions. Some people get really uncomfortable & change the subject quickly. Some people get really condescending & holy. Some people don’t get too jittery & seem relatively calm. In the Bible, prostitutes were often considered lower class, except by Jesus. When I watch how Jesus treated women of ill repute, He didn’t shun nor shame them. In fact, it says that He was considered a friend of sinners.
In my work with Saving Moses, we look after the babies of prostitutes with our nightcare centers. Without our centers, these babies & toddlers have tremendous struggles which are difficult for us to imagine & understand. I’m in Cambodia right now celebrating the Grand Opening of our 2nd nightcare & was recently told about a 3year old little girl who was helping her mom in the evenings by selling birth control to the customers of her mother. I want to be like Jesus & love people more than shame them, including prostitutes.




Wow! Powerful and heart-warming. God bless all you are doing in this area!

I don’t think anyone in this pristine little protected world that we live in Denver truly understands the plight of the 3rd world countries and that people there who are just trying to survive. It nearly makes you vomit to think about the babies of the prostitutes who will likely be giving up their bodies starting at 4 & 5 years of age to satisfy the demonic pleasures of the men that they would be forced to service.
But what could you expect from a nation that allows 60 million babies to be slaughtered. Uuugggghhhh

I just want to protect these kids anyway we can.The parents are adults theses kids are innocent.Please God bless this mission.

Me also . I am so honored to what God has allowed you to do.
I have a vision that I would love to meet you and learn from your wisdom on setting them up.

I ask God to continue to bless your mission…this isn’t happening just in other countries, it’s been happening right here in the United States of America. I have an ex-husband that is guilty of “trafficking” girls and “baby marketing”…sorry to say I didn’t know about these horrible crimes until after I married the guy. I came from a good Christian family, too, so please, these women deserve better, and so do their children. The stigma needs to be removed and blessing imparted instead of shame.

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