hot topic part 2: same sex marriage :)

Thank you heaps for all of the feedback on my post about the same sex marriage topic!  It’s obviously a very sensitive topic for almost everyone and by the input I’ve received (some pleasant, some slippery and some hostile), I think it’s worth a final post on the topic.

I’ve been praying about this post for several days because I don’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit per Ephesians 4:29-32.  With that being said, here are a few questions to consider on the same sex marriage topic for prayerful reflection:

  • Who???  When we talk about this subject, to whom are we speaking or communicating?  Seems like we should think not only about what we say, but with whom we are communicating (seekers, Jesus’ followers, opponents to Jesus’ words, etc).  Jesus was super clear about different messages for different audiences – but all with the same motive
  • How???  How we communicate is a good peek into our motives & ultimately what’s in our hearts
  • What??? After thinking about our motives & audience, the content of our words are very important – what are we really saying?

I’m certainly up to speed with Paul’s words about homosexuality in 1Cor 6:9, Rom 1:26-32 & the relevant verses in Levitucs & the outcomes of Sodom & Gomorrah and I do not disagree with these words.  But I come back to the question of loving well from John 13:35 – the defining distinctive of Jesus’ followers is our love for each other.

To conclude, I believe that we can all find common ground in praying for our nation & our world.  Let’s agree to pray for our pastors, our political leaders, key influencers and let’s pray that Jesus lives well through our lives every day 🙂


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As a Christian and friend to people who have become gay I have been challenged on the issue of homosexuality. God showed me that we are to treat homosexuality as he treats us. God gives us free will, we are sinners and sin daily yet God never condemns us, forces us to do what is right by chaining us up or paralyzingly us physically. We have total free will yet God still loves us despite our sinful tendencies when we fall into temptation. I don’t have to agree with homosexuality I can say it’s ungodly. God does not make rules for control but so as to prevent our peace and happiness. Having gay friends I learned from them promiscuity is so great amongst them they often complain to me how difficult it is to find a commitment. Not saying all gays are like this but if you ask any gay male he will readily admit to this dilemma in same sex environment. This opens the door to so many negative outcomes and painful experiences. Just wanted to point out one of the pitfalls that comes from not following the word of God he still however gives free will. All of us have tendencies weaknesses whether generational, environmental etc do I believe a homosexual can be saved yet still be gay? Yes. Otherwise all the people who are excessively overweight from over eating is due to gluttony which is a sin. They have not repented of their sin yet they continue to over indulge in food just as the christian struggles with homosexuality. I am aware There are different levels of sin but know we are all guilty and struggle with the flesh it’s a matter of separating the person from the sin itself. Sin is the beast we are after not gods creation. Anyone who likes sin is going to argue for it as deep down they know it’s wrong and as a result constantly want approval as the spirit doesn’t give them rest they hope to get that from the world- yet never do as the spirit is stronger than what the world can do. I found this with anyone living in constant sin. Drug addicts: I had a horrible childhood thus excuse me for my use etc people who use people for sex through manipulation- they give their bodies so I have the right to use them. In being around gay people I don’t support their efforts that are against the word of God going to a rally for same sex marriage etc but do support and love them for who God sees them as and the hope they will see m God is a loving God who is ready to listen and be their for them at anytime.

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