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If you’ve been watching the news of late, you’ve probably heard about the recent escalation of tension between Israel & Palestine.  Over the last month or so, the hostilities in this region have become increasingly deadly to the point that Israel is considering the use of ground forces to move into the Gaza strip.  Regardless of your political opinions or persuasions, let’s join together & pray for peace in this region.  Indeed, all of the Middle East seems to be in a state of tremendous upheaval & in desperate need of prayer.  Please join me with a few quick actions:

  1. pray that the leaders in Israel & Palestine will have wisdom
  2. pray for the general population to say “yes” to peace & “no” to violence
  3. pray that each person may have the grace & power to forgive others for the pain that they’re experiencing
  4. pass along this blog to your friends to increase the awareness & prayer level for this very strategic area in our world


Maria Perez

I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that the Lord protects Israel from the attacks of their enemies, that the enemies of Israel will be as mud under the feet of the Jews and that the Lord turn their plans upside down so that all the evil that they plan for the children of Israel fall upon their own heads, in Jesus name.

Gary T. Bellmore

Something else I pray for, besides all the above, is that America will stop funding the countries that are launching attacks against Israel. God can intervene, and His is the only answer that can make a difference. Believing God’s Word, as we must….we should cry out to Him; for HIS will be done.

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