Hot topic: IS, blood moon, Ebola & end times

We live in a very interesting time. There are people chopping off heads & think that’s entirely acceptable & even praiseworthy – weird. This week had the 2nd blood moon in a year – also unusual. Furthermore, Ebola is now being compared to AIDS for its potential devastation to humanity value – yikes! And then lots of people think we are in the end times of the world – that God is wrapping up the human experience to move into a new era of life.
I think we live in strange times, for sure. But with that being said, there are some important things to keep in mind:
*God is still in control & God is love (a very good combination)
*lets be sure to stay fresh & intense with our prayer life
*be careful not to let fear control your thinking or outlook



Amen!!! Totally agreeing with you. You’re awesome, Sarah! Thanks for all you do! Blessings to you <3

Awesome God Bless he blessed. Me your ministery prayed for me about my Kindey.
An that bad boy is prefect now
my kidney Dc. She made me go home tell me not charging my ins. 00 So go home love your life.

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