Hot Topic: GOP Debate & the Presidential Election

Last night, the Republican Party held a national debate.  We heard many ideas and opinions about what the Presidential leadership for the US could look like from several candidates.  Some of the ideas expressed last night were thought provoking and some of the ideas felt naive at best.  Whatever you political beliefs or hopes are, let’s keep in mind a few important essentials:

  • prayer:  1 Tim 2:1-4 says that we should pray for our leaders;  let’s make sure that we endeavor to pray for our government and it’s leaders more than we complain or worry about this topic
  • focus:  Prov 21:1 says that the heart of a king is in God’s hands, so let’s trust that ultimately, God is sovereign
  • peacable living:  in Rom 12:18, Paul tells us to live at peace with each other, as much as possible;  with the upcoming elections, it could be very easy to be offensive or be offended by the various political positions across our nation;  let’s be respectful and prayerful
  • love well:  Jesus tells us in John 13:35 that people will recognize we are His followers by our love for one another, so let’s be committed to love well 🙂

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Cristina Parodi

Diosss es soberano!!!estamos en vispera de elecciones de Presidente en Argentina lo dejamos en manos de El Señor que toque los corazones de los que vamos a sufrgagar y los corazpnes de los politicos que presidiran este Pais durante cuatro años. En Fe!!!Alineados al Señor!!!besoss buen viernes Sarah

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