Hot Topic: Get HELP!!

I was making my coffee this morning & didn’t pay attention well, so I accidentally burned my hand – HELP!!!! That’s about what I said, at maximum volume. My son jumped into action & grabbed some ice that immediately helped soothe the burn. Thankfully, he helped me & didn’t make me feel stupid for making my thoughtless mistake. 
Seems to me that this is often what the Holy Spirit does – readily aides our cry for help, comforts & heals what hurts without making us feel stupid or shamed in the process. 

Be sure to get your copy of Heavenly Help – we both need more Help than we realize 🙂  



Finished reading your book, Heavenly Help. Really helpful information and insights into the Helper – the HOly Spirit. The personal stories of tree pruning,friendship building and snowboarding were good. I read you and your mother’s books on generations also. Loved them, so much to think about, pray about. Many blessings to your ministries. Have a great day.

Thanks Carol!! Would totally love it if you could leave a review on Amazon / Goodreads!! Thanks HEAPS!!

Ayuda!!!!!que bueno pedirla al ES!!!el esta siempre en nosotros…los elegidos del Señor!!!que bueno recibir un abrazo…tu misericordia…consuelo…muy bello Señor lo que ministramos a través de este desayuno de Sarah!!!Buen fin de semana!!!!! amén!!!!


I have just finished reading your wonderful book, Sarah, -“Heavenly Help” . It has helped me so much to realize that the Helper is ALWAYS,[as a Born again Jesus loving child of God!}available to me! I need to re read it NOW.!!
LOve it! And I love you too!
I did anjoy the allegories and the personal stories too. Love, Maia .

Thanks Maia!! Would you consider writing a review for Heavenly Help on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads? I’m super pumped that you liked it & Moreso that you’re sensing the Holy Spirit more!!!

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