hot topic: Ferguson Protests

Most of us are aware of the decision of the Grand Jury yesterday with the case related to Michael Brown’s death, along with the resulting rioting, demonstrations and violence.  I’ve been thinking and praying about this for quite awhile & I’m extremely concerned about what is happening in St Louis.

  1. I’m concerned because there has obviously been a problem that’s been growing there for quite awhile and Michael Brown’s death and the resulting Grand Jury decision is possibly  the match that has ignited such a violent outburst of anger and frustration.
  2. I’m concerned because our nation has had a tumultuous journey in resovling ethnic conflicts.
  3. And I’m concerned to my core because the idea that violence can solve injustices has never proven to be a constructive road for progress and resolution.

mlk-2 When you look at history in the last century, some of our best leaders who were catalysts for constructive change in very unjust situations include:  Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.  As we commit to pray for Ferguson and the construtive resolution to this area, let’s consider the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr:  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate;  only love can do that.”

May Jesus help us to bring peace where there is strife, love for hate, restoration for destruction and reconcilation for isolation.




Gee and I thought I was just concerned that black gospel radio stations don’t play any white music and K-Love doesn’t play any black gospel hmmmm and we’ve come how far since the 60’s???

We must love our neighbors as ourselves!!!!!!

Linda Martinez

It makes me sad….race in this country is a big problem! Unless you have experienced racism you have no idea how it affects one! Black people particularly young black men are held to a different standard…period…the truth! Look how disrespectful people are to our own President and yes it is because he is black! There needs to be an equitable proportion in the police departments across the country….particularly in neighborhoods where the majority are of a particular race …very lopsided in Ferguson.

Its unfortunate but that is the truth. Let’s keep on praying for God to give us spiritual eyesight and help us to have unconditional love for each other.

Diane Robinson

May God Bless us all

Prayer!! Prayer is the answer. God does wants us to take matters in our hands or out of emotions. Jesus is still the answer!! Violence is not the answer

Correction: God does not want us to take matters into our hands.

I don’t agree with the rioting and violence that some of the citizens of St Louis are committing but a the same time I feel when people are bullied they can snap by killing themselves or abusing and killing others especially their abusers. I feel as a whole this country has not correctly addressed racism. I see it everyday and many who I come across that are racist are claiming to be christian. This kind of unrest and violence I feel is going to continue and can become worse if this country does not effectively treat all people equal and not according to the color of their skin and like Jesus would treat any human being! Praying for Ferguson and this country…………….

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