hot topic: end times

This month, there’s a convergence of interesting phenomena in conjunction with many Jewish holidays and feasts.  I have friends who think that this month is a very strategic month, maybe even the return of Jesus.  I also have friends who think that the end of the world things in Sept is nothing more than history being repeated yet again.

Regardless of your opinion, if you think Jesus is returning this month or not, let’s keep some essential priorities in mind, based on Jesus’ teachings when He lived among us:

  • love God
  • love people

As a follower of Jesus, these two commandments need to shape my priorities and how I live everyday, so that whenever Jesus does return, He finds me doing His work 🙂



Disculpame si Yo amo al Señor…me amo…… y amo al proji mo como dice la palabra y permanezco con fe en ella es ampor por tres…

Jesus is definitely coming soon but NO one knows the day or hour!!! But according to The Bible it could be very soon!!!

Definitely true!!

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