Hot Topic: Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Last night, I had a friend who tried to give me an earful about one of these presidential candidates. This person asked me for my opinion & I said, “I am choosing not to express my thoughts on either of these candidates because I’ve watched so many friendships burn up from the conflicts ignited by this political inferno. The only thing I’ll say about this topic is that our nation needs prayer like we’ve never needed it before.”

My friend tried to keep talking about the various candidates & I didn’t take the bait, nor will I.
If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have an opinion about the upcoming election & who should be our president. But let’s keep three things at the front of our conversations on this topic:
1 – Are your friendships worth torching because you might disagree about politics?
2 – What happens to your friendships when the election is over?
3 – God is on the throne in heaven no matter who wins or loses in this election

Finally, let’s agree to pray more than worry or fight 🙂



Very good!! Thanks Sarah. It’s just not worth sharing your opinion at the risk of losing a friend, a friend that may come to the Lord someday thru you!

Thanks May!

Great post. Good girl.

Thanks much Toria!

To a Christian the only thing to say is read the platform of both parties. And, listen to what these candidates are saying. Which lines up with Gods word. The choice is simple!

Pat, thanks for your comments & thoughts! Let’s keep praying for our country!

well said!

jocuri cu mario 9

Greaqt delivery. Soud arguments. Keeep uup the good spirit.

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