hot topic: Denver Broncos & the Super Bowl

These were my famous last words right before halftime during the recent Super Bowl.  I’m a Denver Broncos fan and we were thoroughly and repeatedly thrashed during this game.  Six days later, I’m still looking for some kind of silver lining from this game, but I’ve yet to find any redeeming value, other than being humbled (possibly humiliated depending on your point of view).

I’ve also been reading about Jesus’ arrest, scourging, crucifixion and death over the last few days.  Maybe His disciples   said the same thing, “it can’t get any worse”, when Jesus was betrayed by Judas in Gethsemane.  Perhaps they thought the worst was over when Jesus was brought before Pilate.  And when Jesus died on the cross, maybe they gave up all hope and felt entirely abandoned, betrayed, demoralized and forsaken.  If you’re in a very bleak situation, remember that Jesus defied all natural convetions and rose from the dead.  With God, nothing is impossible, including the Broncos ,)



Sarah – when my girlfriend and I were watching the dismal events of the Super Bowl, we kept saying – “I can’t wait to see what God’s plans are in this!” Sure enough, after the Seahawks won and their young Quarterback went on the podium to accept the Lombardy Trophy, the first thing out of his mouth was Gratitude to God. We had goosebumps and started celebrating! God used our teams loss to bring the young man forward to glorify God!

I read where a guy thinks God caused humility because of how they treated Tim Teabow!! I think he’s right!!! Remember Elway was going to teach Teabow everything he knew!! And then Manning a Christian himself took Teabow’s place as quarterback!! Just a thought!

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