hot topic: cannibals & carnivores

“Eat My flesh and drink My blood.”  As we come into the Easter season (a little early for my Orthodox friends), we are often reminded of these words of Jesus at the Last Supper.

This statement about eating Jesus’ flesh and drinking His blood has raised many questions over the centuries:

  • Was Jesus anti-vegan or opposed to a vegetarian lifestyle?
  • Was this Jesus’ way of promoting a gluten-free lifestyle, emphasizing the consumption of meat & blood?
  • Was Jesus advocating a type of divine cannibalism?

As you read these questions & probably think of a few more, please don’t think that I’ve suddenly lost the plot & become obsessed with some new type of eating lifestyle.  My goal with this post is to raise your awareness that we are coming into Holy Week, when we celebrate Jesus’ death & resurrection, around Jesus’ central words at the Last Supper, with His closest followers.

From my point of veiw, Jesus’ words about eating His flesh & drinking His blood show us in a really powerful way that Jesus love for us runs so deep that He invites us to not only revel in His strength & resurrection, but also to fellowship with Him in His suffering, pain & death – Phil 3:10.  Let’s fully enjoy all of Who Jesus is during this Easter season!



Oh Sarah at the beginning of this blog you had me laughing so hard but by the end really had me thinking. I know it sounds weird but I have had a goal for Easter for the past 5 years wether it is listening more intently to what God has to say to me or something more specific.

Thank you for causing me to think more


🙂 whew!!! Glad you liked it Amy!!! 🙂

Hmmm (from the female perspective) I was just asked – what are you going to have to eat for Easter? I said really, Easter? Another tradition slipping by the wayside. One of my traditions is watching “Fiddler on the Roof” focusing in on the Sabbath dinner scene – my favorite family scene including drama, tradition, and speaking/singing the Word.
Speaking of dinner after attending my first Passover Seder it’s not all that tasty – maybe that is one of the reasons Easter Brunch caught on big time, but then again that’s really not the focus (but still tasty), huh?
However, this is a big week starting out with the 1st Blood Moon / Passover. Google seems to help the “closet messianics” to the opening of “Heaven is for Real” (my grandfather knew “Pops” – small world), The point being now Christmas and Easter both become complicated until you pull out the simplicity of Jesus / Love and a ham sandwich.

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