Hot Topic: Bikers, Brawls and Bullets

On Sunday, there was a massive fight among biker gangs in Waco, TX and it became extremely violent in a matter of seconds.  Law enforcement officials are now concerned that gang members from neighboring states and affiliated gang coalitions are now heading toward Texas to pick up the conflict and defend the honor of their gang members and associates.  Clearly, this is a bad situation and without some clear and rational thinking, this situation could deteriorate even further.  So let’s keep in mind a few helpful things:

  • pray:  pray that peace would prevail and that any plans of the devil would be put to confusion
  • conflict:  consider that with the Holy Spirit’s help, conflict can be more constructive than destructive
  • get the word out:  if biker gangs can be highly motivated to defend honor, then let us as followers of Jesus be highly motivated to live our love out loud & not with quiet back room whispers

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