hot topic: Bahama plane crash kills Dr Myles Munroe

I just learned about the tragic plane accident and death of Dr Myles Munroe, his wife and seven other people who were killed on this plane.  My condolences and prayers go out to these families for this awful loss!  Dr Munroe was a really amazing man who had very profound wisdom and insights into many areas with practical living as well as fantastic help with leadership.  He was a graduate of ORU and was a regal ambassador on many levels (business, politics, faith, leadership, etc) and was a prolific communicator of amazing depths into the Bible.

Let’s be sure to pray not only for his family but also for his church and the communities that are so massively impacted through this awful loss.



I can believe it. Thanks for publishing. I will pray for his church and family. God bless you Sarah.

So tragic but God is sovereign – one of the big questions to save that is above my pay grade. We all live to serve and he and his family served well and are experiencing everything he talked about – it’s just hard for us to understand and give up those parts.”(

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