I have the absolutely AWESOME honor of getting to travel & have incredible experiences, for which I’m seriously GRATEFUL, to be certain. However, I also get homesick. At present, I’m in Cambodia with our Saving Moses team trip & seeing God do some phenomenal stuff – all of which I totally LOVE! But I’m still homesick. Truth be known, I’ve always been a homebody & being away from home makes that all the more intense. I like all of the fun new experiences, love the crazy food, enjoy fun cultures & meeting amazing people, absolute legends, who motivate me in expressing Jesus more & better. But I’m still homesick.
Sometimes our human living can make us homesick for our eternal home. But while we’re here, let’s shine light, spread genuine love, heal the hurting, repair the broken & live out redemption everyday through genuine love. And remember that heaven is our home 🙂


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