Holy Crap!

As a quick reminder, Jesus told a parable once about a fig tree that hadn’t produced fruit for 2 years. The owner of the orchard wanted to chop down the tree but the gardener asked the owner to give him 1 more year to do some intense work to get this tree to be fruitful. Part of the gardeners plan was to throw lots of fertilizer (also known as crap) around the roots of the tree.
In my mind, none of like fertilizer or crap. It’s smelly, gross, repulsive & thoroughly distasteful. Nevertheless, what is most repulsive to us can have the highest powerful of redemption in the right hands. In God’s hand, fertilizer is the stuff of resurrection. So perhaps there is such a thing as holy crap ,)



Makes sense to me…the most difficult thing is sorting through the crap and most of all getting rid of the crap to the right place – storage (definitely not), charity (makes sense in certain circumstances), or to the dumpster (if it is not re-usable)
I am a great believer in compost, but maybe not so much the neighbors, but it does serve its purpose – holy crap…now do one on holy socks hahaha

Thank you little sister, I needed that. 🙂

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