holy cow!

Its been way too long since my last blog!  Recently, we were in the mountains w the fam doing some skiing & the place where we were staying didn’t have internet access – no it wasn’t a log cabin w no running water.  Its good to be back!!  We’ve spent the last 2 weeks w lots of fam activities:

  • took the kids skiing a few times – they can now all handle easy blue runs & here are their skiing profiles (reflects their personalities):  Isabell – Reece says she cruises along;  David – stays close to me & trying his skis out on jumps (I lead because its easier to go fast when you snowboard);  Benji – just fast & more fast.
  • cooking Christmas turkey – it was ok
  • having my friend Laura & her fam stay w us & doing some skiing together
  • I read “Into Thin Air” – true story about the very deadly 1996 Mt Everest expedition w various teams

Of course I’ve been thinking about some things w God & while I don’t have answers to many questions, I have a sense of His presence w me.  So, I hope your holiday season has left you well basted & ready to move into 2009.  May this year be filled w God’s presence in your life more than 2008, in whatever way He choses & may we rest at peace in His choices for us.



Sounds like good times.


Oh wow! NOLA.com just wrote and informed me that you read their recent blog! I am so amazed that you wrote to me Sarah! I am a huge fan of your mother’s and of you! I have tons of MHM material! (as you can tell!) Thank you for taking the time to jot me a note!
And yes! We are excited for our recent upcoming teachings! Any chance of getting you to join me in a Conference in the future? Oh man oh man would we be blessed!
My website address is: http://www.annadonahueministries.com and I have another one for the Youth…it is http://www.mirrormirroradm.com
Once again, thank you so much Sarah! This has made my day!
With all sincerity,
Anna Donahue

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