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 I’ve been reading about Joseph in the Bible & this morning I was going through the part where he translates the dreams of the baker & cupbearer.  At the end of his dream translation, he asks them to help him to get out of jail since he was wrongly put there.  The cupbearer was restored back his royal position & promptly forgot about Joseph.  So Joseph got to rot in jail for probably a few more years.

Here’s my point:  sometimes when we’re impatient & neglect to wait for God’s timing, sometimes we settle for 2nd best when we should have waited for God’s best.  If the cupbearer would have gotten Joseph out of jail, as he had requested, perhaps Joseph wouldn’t have been available to interpret Pharoah’s dreams & ultimately to save the life of his family & the future of the Jewish nation.

Let’s understand that God knows the times, seasons & purposes of our lives better than we do & He is certainly trustworthy with time, since He made it in the first place ,)



Just what I needed to hear. I worry alot about my small business, my home that I’m trying to modify, and my health;(….. I see the lord touch my life on a daily basis;). I need to have patience & know that he’s by my side always. 😉 thk u, & god bless=>

Love this reminder – not always easy to put into practice when the situation is dark (like Joseph) and we’re waiting, sometimes for years and years, for a promise to come to pass. But I can look back at my life and testify to the truth of this.

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