hip, cool & popular

Jesus had some interesting ideas about popularity & fame – He was, of course, quite famous when He walked on the earth for lots of different reasons:

  • healing sick people,
  • making religious leaders foam at the mouth with anger,
  • saying things that caused people to pause & think,
  • raising dead people to life,
  • giving thousands of people free lunch

Jesus was famous for lots of reasons but His popularity was a different story.  Jesus knew that His popularity with the crowds was at best fickle & fleeting.  When I watch how Jesus behaved & what He talked about when He lived among us, it’s very clear to me that He lived His life on earth to be “popular” solely with His heavenly Father.  He lived to make His heavenly Father known & attractive.  For our lives today, let’s understand that we are always “popular” with our heavenly Father 🙂



Hmmm Sarah I believe it’s what He did that made him popular, which was a double edged sword – as you well know. It was righteousness – not what you think but research it – loving giving caring. That’s who He was and that is what God is – “righteous” loving giving caring – go back to the Hebrew and follow it through. It changes the whole scope of our present day theology and ruins a few sermons. Smile

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