I have a friend who lives in Denver, but used to live in Arizona 15 years ago.  She’s a very nice friend & our kids get to play together from time to time, but I’ve noticed that whenever we have any types of longer conversations that she always talks about how much she misses Arizona, about her friends & church there, about the great food, etc.  Our conversations make me wonder if she has ever really moved to Denver in her thinking.  The reason I find this to be disturbing is I don’t think she is living “here & now.”  Some people live in the past, some live for the future, some live in different locations, but neglect to be present.

One of the things that makes this such a tragedy is that Jesus is present with us “here & now”  and at any given moment, we can have some very rich & fulfilling communion with Jesus, listening & watching for His presence in the context of our daily living.  Please don’t miss being with Jesus in your daily living, but dreaming about being somewhere else in time or space 🙂



Alice Jackson

What a great point! I have been at fault of that (on a relocation basis and spiritually). I realize that I am missing many Christ given gifts and don’t want to miss another single one. The past is for reflecting we have already lived it, the future is yet to come and if we don’t prepare for it right (by missing out on our precious moments of the present) we cut ourselves short of an even better future. I will have to work on my focus in the proper time and place. The NOW!

Yep – that is a biggy. When I was in Memphis I was telling everyone about how wonderful Colorado is (just the reverse) but you gotta admit – that’s true. Another great entry for your book. Smile. But it is difficult for me to not help the Lord out with his planning my schedule, and sometimes more. Beauty is the moment – projecting in the future is dreaming, trying to remember to take no thought for the morrow. God always comes through!!! Smiles 🙂

Wendy Brooks

This post rings so true to me. Going on 2 years ago my husband and I relocated back to our hometown, because of several reasons. Unfortunately we really didn’t want to however we felt the Lord was leading us to do so. Nevertheless we packed up and relocated 2 hours away, but our hearts remained in our previous city. It made it very difficult in our present location, because we had shut ourselves off from what the Lord wanted to use us to do where we were right here and right now. Since then we have learned how to embrace the present and enjoy where we are right now. As a result the Lord has surrounded us with favor and we have seen His hand moving mightily in every area of our lives. We still remain plugged in to our church and spiritual family back in the city, but we know the Lord has us right where He wants us almost 2 hours away in a rural community that needs His love too.

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