I’m working on sermon that I’ll be doing soon & I’m really keen to know what you like about church.  So, can you pls leave a comment & tell me?  I promise that I’ll keep all answers confidential, but your investment will help me LOTS!!!!  So thanks MUCHOS for sharing your thoughts!! 🙂



Please, please, please, talk about loving one another. This message, is so far, and inbetween. Jesus, told us, that people would know we were His children, His followers etc. By the love. But it seems we overlook it. It seems the body of Christ, does not put that as a first priority. I mean seriously, look at our “segregated” churches. And just in small acts of kindness, or consideration to one another, it is missing. To be honest, people can get lost in their own churches, because people do not even reach out there. And so where is the love? So to me, and at your discretion, I share this, but I think, this is the most, important message, Christ taught us. To love God first, with all our hearts, and then by proving our love to Him, we love one another….

Thanks much for the advice, but what I really need to hear about is what you like about church. What do you like about church? Thanks!!!

I like it when the music is lyrically deep, when the teaching is aware of the interpretations of the passages across the centuries and around the globe as well as their historic contexts of authorship, when people are encouraged–and even deeply challenged–to live their lives in kindness and compassion for others, and when people are conversationally gracious even though I don’t believe much of what many think I’m supposed to believe. Perhaps mainly just a good ratio between depth of graciousness and angst of dogma.

It is not advice, it is Gods word, love one another. And because I am His child, I see when it is missing. This for your information, and I do say it in His love. Is what I love and “like” about church. It is needed. One, can reject it, and the person, that speaks it like Christ did. Or be like a “pharisee.” It is always a choice, dear Sarah. Love, never fails…

-The anticipation of God touching me with fresh word.

-Walking and sensing love between the people.

Love to you, Sarah! My 7 year old daughter and I listen to your teaching when we can.

Perhaps love never does fail. What would it look like if that were the center of a whole church body’s shared life of faith?

I like having that “Aaah, I get it!” moment. Being surrounded by all the other members of the congregation and yet getting so deep into listening to the sermon that I feel as if I could be the only person in the room. The moment when something that was said, hits me right in my heart – as if God were speaking directly to me – and I think, “Aaah, I get it. I hear you God. “

Hello, I love being in God’s presence–feeling the Holy Spirit–with everyone else around–whether this is in worship or when your listening to the sermon. We are experiencing Him all together and it is wonderful.

(I remember one memorable time, when the Holy Spirit was so strong in a service and the words being spoken were like you were really being fed–you knew you were hearing things straight from the Lord. I didn’t want it to quit.)

Love to you and your family, including your mother and father–neat, neat people.

At church, God wants to commune with me and it all depends on what venue I will best listen to Him. Sometimes it is through the sermon, sometimes it is through song lyrics, and sometimes it is through HIS people speaking truth/encouragement to me. God WILL speak. I just never know HOW He will. That’s motivation enough to attend!!!!

Thanks everyone for such GREAT feedback & for helping me with my prep for the upcoming sermon 🙂


What I like about church? The presence of God that ministers to those in need, the remarkable power of fellowship of the spirit and the opportunity to help other belivers in their journey. Thanks for this site it is truly a blessing to the multitudes of people in search of salvation.-watw

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