Heavy Lifting

Ever feel like sometimes life can be too heavy or even overwhelming? I find that I go through various seasons & experiences that can exceed my wisdom, strength & capacity – I think that perhaps this could be divine design. At the end of the story, we aren’t created to do life effectively without God being integrated into our lives. 
So let’s be sure that we let Jesus carry our world because He absolutely has the whole world in His hands. So what are the burdens or weights in your life that you could put in Jesus’ hands? Let’s be very clear that nothing in your life is too heavy, complicated or overwhelming for Jesus!


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Señor pongo en tus brazos y tu amor misericordioso todo lo que tu sabes Trabajo Salud Universidad de Pachi y trabajo en Blanco para Ella. Se que El Espiritu Santo mora en madre e hija y en este Departamento. SEÑOR UNANIME con los Hermanos del Blog de Sara!!Te entrego mi clamor. Amen

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