Healing Takes Courage

This morning I read in Luke about a blind guy who was yelling for Jesus. After the blind guy was persistent, Jesus stopped & asked him what he wanted. Of course Jesus knew that the guy was blind, but He waited for the man to express what he wanted. 

This has started me thinking about what I want & this truth: if I get what I want from Jesus, I will need to change my behavior. This is often a bigger deal than what we realize. Being healed means that we must act differently. We can’t be healed & continue to behave in the same dysfunctional & broken routines. 

Being healed means that we live more wholly & make choices that are healthy & life giving – and this takes courage. Not only do I want to be well, but I also want the courage to live well.




Amen!!!Ser sanado y elegido por el Señor lo mejor!!Ni hablar poder ser testigo de su gran amor…misericordia!!! vivir los frutos del espíritu activos en mensajes de consuelo y amor a todos nuestros semejantes. Feliz 2016 Sarah no tenia internet…..besos

I love this! It’s truth.

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