having the same mind as Jesus

Reading in Philippians 2 has been very stimulating and challenging to me.  Some things to consider in verses 5-8 are Paul’s command  to us to have the same mind or attitude that Christ has.  In verses 6-8, he tells us how to do this:

  • don’t hold onto a position (vs 6)
  • empty yourself (vs 7)
  • become a servant (vs 7)
  • don’t take yourself too seriously (vs 7)
  • humble yourself (vs 8)
  • die to yourself (vs 8 & Gal 2:20)

This is an “Everest” list – very big & maybe even insurmountable to some.  Nevertheless, if you look just a few verses later, Paul encourages us work out our salvation with fear & trembling & that God is at work in us to give us the desire & ability to accomplish His desires (vs 13).  So those times when you have a strange desire to help someone else, to take the low road & defer to someone else, to consider God’s preferences – consider those moments to be divine interruptions & even inspiritations.  These are moments when the Holy Spirit is helping you to have the same mind as Christ!  Any suggestions on getting better at being humble?  😉




Roland Tamminga

I like the example of your “crossing guard therapy”. Seriously this passage is quite thought provoking on the whole “servant-leader”. While Christ acted as a servant, in that he subordinated his agenda for the advancement of his servants, and didn’t shirk from doing “servant acts” like washing feet – he was obviously also and primarily a leader. He did not hold back in leading either.

This teaching on Phil 2 was great. (I think it could be a whole book there’s so much meat!) I think the portion on holding on to position is one that hits all of us where we live…and honestly, I’ve never heard it articulated like that before. It’s so true…being a servant means we lay down our position voluntarily in order to serve others. It’s a choice we make, not only in obedience to the Word, but motivated by love and compassion for others. We just get in the way so often, when we refuse to let go of whatever we think raises us ABOVE serving others in total humility …thanks for the great message

I thought a great description of how Christ led was by example. He didn’t just expect people to follow what he taught he lived and showed what he taught by doing those things. I think if we followed that example we would be more humble.

We can be better at being humble by asking the Lord to give us the mind of Christ. When the Holy Spirit enables us to have the mind of Christ, then we will be more like Christ and we will have a submissive, humble heart. There are times in all of our lives when we need His help in being humble – we can’t do it on our own.

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