Having a good week?

Happy Wed to you (or whenever you read this)! We all have various things that happen on any given day – some good, some bad & some neutral. I find it interesting that many times we derive our contentment (or lack thereof) from the various things that happen to us. We are happy if we get a raise or sad if we have some negative feedback from school or work. It’s easy to get stuck in the cause & effect trap – only being happy based on our circumstances.
Let me challenge you to switch the premise of your happiness off of circumstances & onto God’s love for you, which never fails, decreases nor changes. We can consistently be happy because the Creator of the universe loves us very deeply & personally! 🙂


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I know that god is able and he makes stronger always ,thank u again for your words and prayers please continue to pray for me and family. Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 16:44:41 +0000 To: elizabeth_joan@hotmail.com

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