have you been disappointed with God?

I know that the title to this blog is kind of a silly question because I think that we have all been disappointed with God at some point in our lives – maybe disappointed with an event, a prayer, a situation, a desired outcome that didn’t happen, etc.  I was thinking about what it means to be disappointed with God and I remembered Martha and Mary’s statement to Jesus about how if Jesus had been present that their brother, Lazarus would not have died.  Martha & Mary were pretty ripped up from their brother’s death and when Jesus showed up on the scene 4 days late, maybe it was like rubbing salt in their wounds, maybe.

But when we read this story, Jesus waited until Lazarus was dead before He did anything – and what He did far exceeded the expectations of Martha and Mary.  From a human viewpoint, resurrection from the dead trumps a physical healing.  But Lazarus’ sisters were disappointed with Jesus and Him being too late until He obliterated their disappointment with His resurrection power.

I have a couple of thoughts that we can carry into our daily living from this story about being disappointed with God:

  • God isn’t finished – life is a journey and process, so whatever seems permanent and finished could merely be a comma
  • Don’t hold onto grief and disappointment more than you hold onto God
  • God is good and loves us even when we don’t get what we want or seem to need


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kris Johannesen

Sarah…I love your blogs!! But this one re: being disappointed with God was awesome and loved your points at the end!! I’ve watched your precious mom for years and you are following her beautifully! God bless your ministry for Saving Moses!! I want to go there so bad!!! I cry every time I watch the video… Lots of children’s ministries out there but this one tugs hard at me!!! What does it cost for the formula for you and what is the biggest need?? Thank you! Kris

Amanda Cheatham

This is especially what I need to hear right now.
Going through a rough time, but this encouraged me to keep on with the Lord and know that He’s not gone! He’s waiting to completely blow mine and my husband’s expectations out of this world!!

Thank for sharing, Sarah.

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