Happy Saints Day!!

My dad was a really unique man & he didn’t seem to have any frustrations with his individuality. Thankfully, both of my parents have passed this along to me – they’ve always encouraged me to be myself & true to what’s in my heart. Now that I’m in my 40s, I believe that one of the best ways that we can honor God is to be true to God’s design & schematic outline in our lives. Trying to be like someone else is like slapping our Creator in the face. Comparing ourselves to others puts human limits on our Divine design.
So lets allow the genuine love of God to shape us into who God has made us to be – not quagmired or mired in human comparisons or confinements. Let love help you to be good at being you 🙂



you go girl – right on!! That’s why I believe in my heart of hearts that you are so special with special training from your parental units haha -the individualism / boldness / speak the truth (which is hard because you want to protect others feelings) on your journey to share the spiritual love of the Father,Son & Holy Spirit Selah

Sarah, I really enjoyed this post. “Being” who we are as God reveals it to us is the most refreshing and fulfilling part of knowing Christ. We are made from God’s heart and He wants us to know He lavishes His love on us to transform us into our true identity with our unique thumbprint and DNA. I was saddened to hear of your father’s passing into glory. He rests now! Hope you and your family are too.

You were so blessed to have parents who were devoted to GOD and blessed that you found a husband devoted to GOD too … people say one thing then do another or in their mind it is okay for them to say they love GOD and act like the world too, that is what I live with daily. Oh how I wish that I knew GOD at an earlier age and also found a Christian husband many years ago too!! 🙂

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