Happy New Year!

First of all, thanks much for reading my blog!  Lots of you have been super kind of the last year & I really appreciate you staying connected!  As we think about turning the page on a new year, I think we all do some reflection & some adjustments.  There were lots of things I liked from 2012, lessons I learned, successes, mistakes, etc.  I want to take the lessons and successes from 2012 & build on these in 2013.  I’m not sure that I want to go with the “New Years Resolutions” approach, as I tend to kind of fizzle out on these.  With that being said, here are some areas where I want to continue to grow & improve:

  • continue to get more authentic at loving God, people & myself
  • grow in my intimacy with God – listening, learning, being more present, growing & changing
  • expand our Saving Moses work – giving genuine love to the most vulnerable, least & smallest on our planet
  • trust God better with the future, decisions and direction
  • get more consistent with working out

What are some areas in which you’d like to grow?




Sarah happy new year! I really love reading your post & the areas I want to improve on is on my bible reading & having to trust God more on every issue.
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I want to grow more with my relationship with god.

Idell Kamppi Stelly

As I extended ‘Happy New Year’ greetings to friends and family and FB folks I remembered something I learned from your mother, Marilyn… ‘Happiness comes from Happenings… JOY comes from JESUS’ so I revised my greeting… Joyous New Year. Thank you for continuing to speak TRUTH into my life. I love you and your mom bunches. 🙂 Joyous 2013!! The adventure continues. Love, Idell

joanne barajas

i feel the Lord wanting me to ask for the desires of my heart. not my wants but the desires He placed in my heart to fulfill His purpose in my life.. I am not quite sure what they are but I am asking Him that I would desire Him and His will more daily. hourly, and my family to have our desires re kindled inside our hearts. I too need to be more disciplined in health , exercising and my debts. spending money i dont have .. for give me Lord. bondage of debt off my life this year.. I am tired of being a slave to bills. useless money spent on credit cards.. love you and your mom. joanne

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