happy belated Father’s Day

I had the honor to speak in our church for Father’s Day & although it was difficult (my 1st Father’s Day without my dad), I’m thinking that God always has good stuff in mind for us, even in challenging situations.  Yesterday, I talked about how Abraham was a man of faith & miracles – a father to us in our faith.  I also threw in a few stories about my dad with his faith & life.

Here’s a fun story:  one time my family took a Christmas vacation to Europe, using a book called, “Europe on $10 a Day”, endeavoring to do the tour thing on a tight budget.  During that vacation, we visited Italy & I quickly learned that Italy is a bastion to all things beautiful, high style and fashion.  This became uber obvious through my dad who had a unique sense of fashion that could be considered “counter-culture”.  He had this bright yellow jumpsuit that he wore with white tube socks and black shoes as he walked through the streets of Florence, Rome and Venice.  The best part of these strolls was to watch the Italians get whiplash in their necks as their heads spun to fully take in my dad’s fashion bravado.  Even though my dad wasn’t in step with Italian fashion, he sported his yellow jumpsuit with dignity & poise, showing me that being a strong individual isn’t only important in fashion, but moreso in faith.  So be encouraged to be strong in your faith and weak in your doubts 🙂



Pat Jennings

Sarah,thot of u yesterday,&how u were handling your 1st Fathers Day w/o your Dad.One of many 1st’s to travel thru..sp. days,milestones.Bur think of the incredible 1st’s your Dad is experiencing in heaven! :D. One day he w/share them w/you &Marilyn too! o/! Win-Win deal.Blsngs,:pj

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Hmmm just curious it would be interesting to see a timeline graph of your folks from Washington Street to Platte River to Present, then cross graph your Mom’s ministry and finally put in a third timelinie of yours at Orchard Road. Hmmm Blessings

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