Handling a Crisis

A crisis is a really big challenge that can seem impossible & a crisis can be different for each of us. A crisis can be a medical emergency, a job loss, a severed relationship & lots of other things. There are also lots of biblical examples of people who underwent crisis, with varying outcomes, some were amazing & some were abysmal. Here are a few thoughts about handling crisis:

  • Moses at the Red Sea: keep your confidence in God & not what’s happening around you
  • Joshua at the Jordan: be obedient & trust God for the outcomes
  • Peter after denying Jesus: don’t let failures keep you away from Jesus 
  • Saul on the road to Damascus: sometimes a crisis is nothing more than a course correction 

Happy Wednesday to you!


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Cristina parodi

The Lord is faithful … and even in our deserts this Present carrying the cross for us, never leave us alone and always forgives !!!! His love is true … and ability to forgive is in live … inside us since we accept blessings !!!!

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