We can be guilty of lots of things, but here are some things for which I want to be wholly convicted:
*complementing more than criticizing
*encouraging more than discouraging
*loving more than using
*listening more than impulsive comments
*wisdom more than foolishness
*redeeming more than rehearsing
*faith more than doubt
*progress with more than enumerating problems 🙂

What are some other things you would include??? Thanks for your input & for your time to read this & reply!! Appreciate you 🙂



I would add: Forgiving rather than holding a grudge

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Thanks Sarah, these are some things I’m going to stick up and refer to a whole lot… I will also add:
Learning more than teaching (because I think I have all the answers)

I agree we should make that into a placque to remind us – I love a quote from Dr. Suess that goes something like this “Don’t cry because it’s over SMILE because it happened”. There shall be showers of blessings….

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