Greetings from Cambodia!

Well, after more than 24 hours of travelling I’m in Phenom Phen. I don’t think I’m spelling that right – my excuse is jet lag. 🙂 travelling is good but can also be mind numbing. You just keep moving along w hundreds of other people & be mindful of what’s happening around you. Sometimes I’ve have really cool God times when I’ve travelled & sometimes it’s just a matter of going through the motions to get from point A to B. Nothing noteworthy happened in travelling so far – I honestly tried to sleep as much as possible in the flt to Hong Kong, trying to get my body to adjust quickly to Asian time zones.
Here’s some excitement: I get to minister tonight to the youth at New Life Church here in Cambodia & that’s COMPLETELY cool!! 80% of Cambodia is under 20 yrs old so when you reach the youth, you reach this nation – cool beyond words!! Pls be praying 🙂



Katherine Polk

Hi Sarah i’m so glad to see you still working with your mom, what a joy. I remember when we were in Russia 2005 you ask me to join you by going with you to the children’s orphanage and i sang to the little children. i often think of those children. i miss traveling with you and your moms group to various countries but i will be back at it. praise the lord. keep up the good work. chlidren are very precious to the Lord. love you and your mom. Sincerely, Katherine Polk

Trusted that you had great time in Cambodia. Blessings

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