Greek observations

You have to be really smart for Greek & I’m not sure I’m of such a high intellectual caliber to get it.  I’m in my 3rd semester of Greek & my class meets weekly for about 2.5 hours on Monday nights, translating parts of Romans.  Again, you have to be really smart for this class.  Tonight, I’m not feeling very smart.  Its probably because I’m tired, at least I’m hoping this excuse will make things look better in the morning.  I just don’t feel very smart.  Do you know that Paul doesn’t use verbs in some of his sentences?  That’s about all I want to say on this topic.



I can honestly say that I did not know that about Paul’s writing.

i absolutely think you’re smart enough. paul (my husband, not the apostle) says that school is an emotional roller coaster. one day you feel you can conquer it all and the next you feel defeated and dumb. but, i know that you can do it. you’ve gotten this far, right?


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