grace & stress

The last 5 days have been rather intense – it’s been a bit of a rat race with all the different demands & challenges w work.  Furthermore, my kids have been sick (my daughter stayed awake from 1am on, coughing & feeling yucky) & this morning, the toilet got plugged up & almost overflowed on the carpet.  When the toilet almost overflowed, I made a plea to Jesus for Him to step in with some help – thankfully, the toilet didn’t overflow & the plunger trick worked really fast 🙂

I’m sure that you’ve had many similar seasons and here’s the really interesting part – Sunday, I preached my entire message on grace & how that God’s grace is sufficient (adequate) to the challenges we have in our lives – 2 Cor 12:7ff.  Furthermore, Paul says that not only is God’s grace sufficient for us, but that power is made perfect through weakness.  Perhaps we grow through seasons that expose our frailties so that we lean into God’s grace & power.

God’s grace is sufficient for us & His power is complete in weakness – I’m reminding myself of this today 🙂

Dear friend, God’s grace & power are perfectly suited for our humanity & weakness


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Holly in Japan

That’s one of my absolutely all-time favorite verses Sarah. Sometimes it would seem God’s measures out just enough grace to us at the moment to keep the toilet from overflowing. I hope your babes are feeling better soon. (I would love to hear you preach!)

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