Goliath’s sword

Recently, I read the story about David killing Goliath – it’s always inspiring & encouraging!  As I read the story leading up to Goliath’s death, David recounted how he had fought off a lion & a bear to protect the sheep under his care.  David used this memory to encourage Saul that with God’s help, David could overcome Goliath.  Futhermore, when David confronted Goliath, he boasted that he would use Goliath’s own sword to cut off Goliath’s head, which is exactly what happened.  Later in David’s life, David again acquired Goliath’s sword from a helpful priest for his own weapon as he was running away from Saul to save his life.  Goliath’s sword was a turning point for David’s life – shifting away from sheep & moving toward kingship.

In our lives, there are turning points, like Goliath’s sword.  God uses unique things & experiences in our lives for both victories & encouragment at very strategic times, particularly for me with Saving Moses.  We can trust God to direct our steps and give us the resources necessary for each step 🙂



Wonderful reminder of God’s Love for us in difficult moments or helping us move forward in life on the path He wants us on. Thank you.


Good one Sarah- Here’s one the Lord showed me this week. Life is like shifting gears – between each degree of acceleration you still have to go through neutral (in manual transmissions, of course), sometimes just to shift up or shift down (slow down) you still go through neutral 2Thes 3:5 not a choice but just the opportunity to be…. Smiles and Blessings. M Jo

Miguel A. Carrillo

Sarah, I had the privilege to see your mom at a conference in South America back in the mid ’90’s. We all have a Goliath in our life, usually it’s “fear” and regardless that we all remember how God has speared us from extremely difficult situations; we still have doubts when dealing with a new challenge. My sword is always “reading” the Bible so I can focus on God’s provision rather than on the obstacles. I was praying and reading my Bible this morning and a I was really tempted to ask god for a miracle, instead, I chose to ask him for wisdom, patience and for His will to be done in my life. I support financially TBN, 700 Club and a couple of missionaries in South America; hopefully, God willing, I’ll be supporting Saving Moses as well. God bless you and your mom Sarah.

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