Gods Faithfulness in Germany!

Here’s something really cool: today, I have the privilege of getting to minister at Gospel Life Center in Munich Germany. This is particularly meaningful to me for lots of different reasons. First, German was my major in my university studies. Second, I almost always sense a special presence of God when I get to minister internationally. But most importantly, twenty years ago when I was studying in Germany for my degree, I turned my back on Jesus to explore other faiths & make my own decisions as they related to what I believe. Twenty years ago, I visited this exact church when I was wrestling with my faith. Twenty years ago, I felt disconnected from God & almost like He had forsaken me.
Today, I get to breathe redemption. I get to share about loving Jesus & having an intimate relationship w Jesus in a place where I had been lost & turned away from God.
I love getting to be in Gospel Life Center in Munich. I love the people. I love the heart of this church. I love getting to experience God in this place, with this spiritual family. I love getting to worship God in German. They’re rehearsing now for worship & I can hear them singing “how great is our God, sing w me, how great is our God”.
Yes and amen, how truly great is our God.
Tomorrow I get to experience Gods greatness in Albania w saving Moses. I’ll be blogging everyday – so come along & let’s enjoy this trip together!


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That’s so beautiful!
And praise God for never leaving us nor forsaking us!
My situation was different but I have also felt that way back when I was starting college, in my mind it seemed as if God had forsaken me, given up on me, it was such a lie of the enemy! But in my spirit I knew that our Father in His amazing, never ending love, had not forsaken me! It was such a battle, but praise God we win!!
We win!

God bless you Sarah, and your mom Marylin (I watch the program on tv). May you continue to grow in the strength of the Lord as you go and minister to others, and may you also be ministered to.

p.s. I took two German courses back in college, don’t remember much though! just the basics. I do speak fluent Portuguese though, so here it goes in Portuguese: Deus te abençoe ricamente!« God bless you richly!

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