God is working in us!

Philip 2:13 says that God is working in us to will & do of His good pleasure.  In light of the idea of working out our salvation with fear & trembling from verse 12, we could see God as our work out trainer – helping us have the desire & power to do what He wants (work out our salvation). 

God is working in each of us.  When Paul wrote this, he used the present tense & in Greek, this means an ongoing & continuous action.  So God is working in you & me today, even at this moment, helping us to have the desire & abilities (resources, etc) to accomplish His will.  If you get more specific, those times in your day when you feel like being kind, patient, friendly, generous, forgiving (see the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5) – these are God moments.  He is working in you – be encouraged & offer Him some cooperation (I can’t say that word without thinking of Seasame Street).

Make today a God-watch day – watching for Him working in you His desires & abilities!



in going through celebrate recovery, His working it out in me is very apparent. painful, but a good healing kind of pain.

I like the way He works in us, around us and through us. He’s so good at interconnecting things on so many levels. It helps me have hope knowing that His ways are higher than mine and He’s using everything in ways I can’t even see. Even when I feel like I’m making little or no progress, His wind is carrying me along and making sense of the nonsense.

Thank you for this post. When i was younger I would have cringed at the idea of God “working” in me, now that I am older it comes as a relief and a much needed encouragement.

Yah, it helps me to know I’m not trying to do this Christian thing w/out His help – better than that, He’s doing the work!

I really like the idea of Him working in me so that I know I can just do my thing and trust that when an issue comes up, He’ll:
– give me grace
– knock me up-side the head
– change my thinking
– heal me
– etc.

I don’t have to have the master to-do list anymore. And I’m a to-do lister. So it’s really relieving to know that He’ll manage this life-project for me.

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