God is a Great Provider

I really like the story about Abraham being obedient to God to sacrifice Isaac in Gen 23.  I like it for lots of different reasons:  it shows what determined obedience looks like, it shows me Abraham’s heart, it shows me some of God’s methods, among many other things.  The culmination of the story is when Abraham is about ready to slay his son & God stops him & shows him the ram in the thicket – perfect provision in the nick of time.  Which brings me to some thoughts related to our daily living. 

There’s a difference between want, need & imminent need.  Unfornately, we often get the definitions of want & need mixed up.  Thankfully, God helps to clarify that difference from time to time 🙂 We all have needs & ultimately we need to see God as the answer to those needs.  But here’s something to consider:  a regular need is different than an imminent need.  Abraham needed a ram to sacrifice instead of his son, from the minute he set out to obey God. The further he continued on the obedience path, the greater the need for a ram became.  Nevertheless, he was committed to obey God even to the point of believing God could raise Isaac from the dead.  But Abraham’s need became critical & imminent when he had tied up Isaac & was ready to plunge a knife into him.  That is the moment when God gave Abraham the provision that he needed. 

Here’s my point:  we can not only trust God to be the provision for our needs but we can also trust in His timing.  If He’s not providing something that we feel we need at this moment, the possibility exists that He thinks we don’t need that provision at this moment.  And if this is true, then we can trust Him to provide what we need, when we really need it.  Trust would be an operative word 🙂



Wow… this word / blog came to me at a time I really needed it. I have been praying praying praying for something I need but not really thought a whole lot about the timing. I am now going to trust God for the timing as well and trust that HE knows what HE is doing in this situation in my life.
I luv you and your mom. I watch you on the internet… and you are both so precious. I am praying for the Greek trip as well…

You both have inspire me so much!thank you for your prayers I have a praise report,I ask for prayer for my great grandson little Daniel for healing of his intestine spasm and Drs. Said it could have fatel so the gotfearin her and that’s when I text you both, PRAISETHE LORD! GODIS OUR HEALER!thank you.angelina from Palmdale CA GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

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