Go BIG!!!

I just had the amazing privilege to interview Lee Strobel, the author for Case for Christ & Case for Grace, his newest book. I totally loved getting to meet Lee & hear his journey with faith & the stories of God’s grace with transformation. Lee is a really amazing man & I love that he jumps into life with both feet – fully present!
Sometimes we do life kind of halfway & we don’t do life with full commitment. But living for Jesus requires us to connect fully in our daily living. It’s easy to go through life with half engagement, letting our focus jump from situations to stress to questions, to problem solving etc. But in the midst of doing life, let’s commit to keeping our eyes fixed wholly on Jesus, no matter what’s happening. Let’s go BIG with Jesus!


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Cristina Parodi

Sarah Dios bendiga cada intercesion que sale de tu boca….estoy sin trabajo…en busqueda activa, y alineada a nuestro Padre Señor de Señores…..se que un proposito….estoy integrada en Rey de Reyes en el ministerio de Intercesion aparte de ir a los cultos y celula….y dialogar a diario con Hermanos del mundo que testimonian….Bendiciones

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