Getting What You Want

Despite our best intentions, all of us can struggle with getting what we want. And what we want seems to flitter from stuff, to time, to clothes, to gadgets, to health, to relationships and lots more. I was recently giving God an earful about not getting something that I thought I wanted. Instead of getting my way, it seemed like the exact opposite was happening & there wasn’t anything I could do to change the situation. But what I could change was my attitude – and our attitudes can be a powerful tool when we make wise choices. 
On top of working through my attitude choices in my recent situation, I also learned that while I may not always get what I want, I can trust God to give me what I need 🙂



Cristina Parodi

Hello I thank you find yourself added to your linkedin am looking for work I have a degree in social work, I do performance audits , multidisciplinary teams , teams coordinator . I have worked in health, education , defense, (Navy – Army Welfare Directorate ), prevention and health care in municipios.Gracias-


Wow! Great job with all of these accomplishments!

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