Getting to Angola

Presently, we are slowly making our way to Angola via Germany & South Africa. On the day we left the US, I received a call that one of our flights had been cancelled & that we were be re-routed. Our new itinerary added an entire extra day of travel along w several long lay-overs & an extra flight. Presently, as I’m writing this, I’m standing in a transfer line w my friends, waiting to get a boarding pass for the flight to Angola.
The problem with getting to Angola is that it isn’t considered a “desirable desolation”. So to get to this country, it takes some focus, determination & persistence.
I think these ideas about persistence & determination are true whenever you decide to help people. If you’re merely interested in helping, then almost any obstacle will suffice as an inconvenience & possible excuse to change your mind. If you’re passionate about helping, then inconveniences are nothing more than hurdles as you make your way to the goal. When we are in a position to help people (at the grocery store, volunteering for a community project, etc), we must decide to not be dissuaded by obstacles, delays or flight changes – I’m writing this mostly to myself, given my current frame of mind 🙂



Holly May Takatsuka

Many continued prayers for you and your group!

Excellent perspective especially after several days of traveling…keep on ‘keeping on’. 🙂 Go bless.

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