Getting Rid of Stress

This morning, one of my children who will remain nameless, was moving very, very, very slowly, despite my efforts to motivate them. This of course stressed me out & the slower they moved the more stressed I became. My mental conversation went something like this: they don’t have enough time to eat breakfast, they’re not wearing socks, where did I get the idea that having children would be an idyllic experience, why am I more amped about late than this child, why didn’t they set their alarm, it’s too early in the day to be this stressed out . . . . 
There were lots more things that ran through my mind but you get the general gist. 

Some of our stress is self-inflicted & we can learn, grow & hopefully avoid these in the future. Some of our stress, however, is from the outside & sometimes unavoidable. So what to do in these situations? Here are a few ideas that might help:

  • Pause & step back from the situation to assess: Could I be overreacting? Is my behavior making the situation worse? What is a possible root cause for this stress?
  • Close your eyes & take a deep breath: sometimes this can clear our mind enough to give us some healthy perspective
  • Walk through: remind yourself that this stress is likely limited in time & will have a conclusion if you keep going (avoidance usually makes it worse)
  • Pray: ask for divine help to navigate & have strength to overcome without being overcome

Consider that stress can be a useful instrument to help us grow into stronger people. This quote helps me think in a more constructive way about stress:  
“The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Hemingway  



sarah, as I read this story this morning, I understand your (STRESS) Having raised a ” House Full” of them 5 of them, LOL, If any words of advise I could give , would be , Sarah, just go with it. i think some of that stuff is natural. As mothers we are /do notice everything they/need. Honey that will never change / well end all the way. You are a wonderful ,loving , caring mom, and those children adore you and are proud of you. Trust Me, they do

thanks much!

Cristina Parodi

Thanks for the Intercession Sara today is an average day like this word … apart from being locked in labor mind … and let applications Resume Pachi … I have my daughter with one of his previous partial and with influenza . The SeƱorte bless !!!

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