Getting eyes checked

I’m presently at the eye doctor’s with my son for his first eye exam. We are in a dark room & they have him focusing, concentrating & answering lots of questions. Of course I’m sitting I the room with him & I’m pretty tuned into what they’re doing & asking him.
Sometimes I think that we are like my son right now – doing life, concentrating & trying to give the best answers that we can. In the meantime, it’s important for each of us to know that God is always present, no matter how dark it is around us, no matter how much we’re concentrating on our immediate environs & no matter how hard we are trying to do the right thing. God is always present & that means that we are never detached from Genuine Love 🙂




Ahhhh the proverbial male disease – “Hmmm let’s see if I pass this test then I won’t have any excuse for not picking up my room or reading that book, but on the other hand….if I don’t pass it then I’ll have to wear those glasses. Boy, I hope Mom hasn’t read that verse about if your eye offends you…oh the visisitudes of life”. Then later, “honey have you seen my car keys? What do you mean check my pockets…hahaha I’m sure along with that helmet of salvaton Eph 6:17 better throw in some holy sunglasses for that pretty little girl one row over and 3 seats down. Good luck they all become teenagers. God’s gift for patience, or was that husbands… we’re all males – God’s test drive for females. Blessings

Lorraine Dale

Wow! I like that !

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