get smart?

Once upon a time, I had a college professor tell me, “Sarah, you’re not as smart as you think you are.”  He revealed this “encouraging insight” in front of my entire class & I of course felt so small that I had to reach up to touch the floor.  To add more insult to injury, at that time in my life, I thought that being smart was the ultimate thing in my life.  If there was anything that I wanted to be at that time in my life, it was smart.  So his comments were doubly stinging.

Many years later, I’ve come to the conclusion that while we are all smart in many diverse ways, what we really need isn’t better smarts, but more wisdom & specifically, godly wisdom.  In the Bible, the book of James, it says that if anyone lacks wisdom, he should ask God to give him some wisdom & that God will liberally answer her request. So let’s you & me decide that we’ll ask God to give us wisdom & trust God to work out the smart part on an as needed basis ,)


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As with Clint Eastwood there is always someone with a bigger gun, but Spiritually speaking there is no one with a bigger God than ours, and our footprint is our footprint (or finger print ) God made our snowflakes as individuals – so I had a college professor who was Jewish and did not believe in the Diety of the New Testament and thought that the top 3 psychoanalytic minds should be worshipped, so I gladly 🙁 took my D and went on knowing that my God was and is the Greatest.

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